We are very twisted

Welcome to the Twisted Zoink home page.

We endeavor to provide our viewers with the best in zoinked content.

You may well ask: “What is Twisted Zoink?” Thanks for asking. Twisted Zoink is an alternative universe in which, things that may seem illogical or crazy are really logical and sane, and of course they may be really funny too.

Here at Zoink Headquarters we create, collect, catalog and disseminate media that we believe is congruent with the Twisted Zoink world view.

Come back and visit as often as you like, we will keep a hot pot of coffee in the fridge and some ice cream on the stove just for you!

Remember – if it’s not twisted it’s not zoink.


Random Zoinks

The secret to success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you have it made!~Fred Moople

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