Cool names for Music Groups

Our Senior Editor Fred Moople Jr. loves to name things. Here are his suggestions for new musical groups.

Ed Finch and the Riddolas

Bob Cone and the Ripperamas

Eddie Dunce and the Clipped Beagles

The Snokatarians

Cheesy McDougall and the Grimy Leftovers

Markie Crank and the Totally Bankrupt

Selwyn Snotter and the Slimes

Lowell Eeps and the Lost Cargo

Landon Kelp and the Weasel Brothers

Shakey Mary and the Uneasy Trio

Walter Tusker and the Scattered Slumps

The Clongers

The Bloated Slime Hogs

Edwin Stench and the Foul Boys

Leonard Clank and the Broken Bells

Crappy Donnie and the Losers

Parker Snackdoo and the Ronks

Loman Bloach and the Cheese Donkies



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