The Executive

Chief Zoink: Fred Moople Sr. (Deceased)
Our inspiration comes from our fearless (and dead)  leader Fred Moople Sr. who died in a tragic gerbil mud-wrestling accident. We are still inspired by the example he set in trying out new and unusual things, even if it killed him.

Happily Fred Moople Jr. survived the debacle noted above and continues his father’s legacy in the role of Senior Editor at Twisted Zoink.

Twisted Zoink Senior Editor: Fred Moople Jr.
Fred Moople is a pioneer in researching and creating new content for the web. He is never constrained by reason or common sense. Fred marches to his own tune and is often seen prancing through the Twisted Zoink offices in nothing but a scarf and sandals.
Twisted Zoink Senior Artistic Director: Lydia Lovelace
Lydia has never been accused of shyness and indeed her last three male assistants were found “ravaged” and discarded in the dumpster in the alley. She was acquitted on all charges.

Lydia, has developed an artistic and creative sense that is second to none. Her body painting and nude bungie jumping (execept for the paint), show us all what an exceptional talent she is.

Twisted Zoink Alien Relations Co-ordinator: Dr. Morphus Dingledine
As a human-alien hybrid Dr. Dingledine completely understands what it means to be “spaced out”. Dr. Dingledine works behind the scenes at Twisted Zoink to gain intelligence from the aliens that walk among us. (or is some cases slither among us).  Dr. Dingledine speaks many alien languages including:

  • Furflotmugoop
  • Nocktandwhilper
  • Jandosquank
  • Fustertandolink
  • Cheeseslop

Twisted Zoink staff now know, that when he says: “Eesno capultar flunkwalk pedon!” that he is once again locked in the bathroom.


Executive Secretary to Dr. Dingledine: Heidi Shock
Heidi Schrock (name of Viennese wine) has changed her name to Heidi Shock in order to protect the guilty (herself included). She is a nurse who worked with Dr. Dingledine in his experiments on brainwashing children to make them secret agents. When grown and triggered, they commit crimes and high treason then promptly forget what they have done. This will be revealed in Dr. Dingledine’s book, which he is currently writing, but which will be published posthumously or perhaps after the aliens take him home.
In any event, Heidi is now old. She walks with a cane (or two) and from time to time may write an episode for the “Gimps Guide to Gallivanting” series.